How to get Adsense Account approved?

There are lots of factors involved for approval of adsense account, which includes:

  • If you have good quality content and develop a reader base, you can get approved easily
  • You should have 1 month old website or blog and it should have atleast unique 45 content
  • Content should be relevant to the advertisers - You might do everything good and yet you may get disapproved if the adsense team thinks that your content doesn’t add value to the publishers and the advertisers.
  • When 200-300 people start visiting your website every day, then apply for adsense. CLICK HERE to register on Google Adsense.
  • Once approved, if you follow the rules of google, then you will not have any problem.

  • What care should be taken after GOOGLE ADSENSE APPROVAL

  • After being approved by Google, you have to run ads in your website. For that, the code of the ad created by Google Adsense will have to be placed in your website. As soon as ads start running in your website, you will start earning money.
  • Never try to collect fake clicks, Google has Artificial Intelligence Techonology, it will catch you and block your account. This is a golden egg laying chicken, do not try to bite in a single day. 
  • Do not ask anyone to click on the advertisement nor motivate visitors to click on the advertisement. Actually Google looks at many parameters such as how many impressions of ADS came from, how many IPs came from, how many locations came from,  sources traffic came from, etc. It is impossible to break these calculations. Therefore, do not show too much cleverness and keep working regularly with hard work and honesty.
  • Do not enter any data that is against Google's policy.

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