100 Business Ideas

To start business and get better profit, you should have a profitable and in demand business idea. You can do whatever you want to do business, but keep in mind that it should be according to the needs of today's time and customers.

People do plan to set up business, but they get disappointed due to the huge cost incurred in the business. Such people need not be disappointed. We are giving you information about some such businesses, which can be started with very less or no investment. Among them, profits are also significant. There are many successful examples of people who started with small businesses and today they own large companies.

For starting business Governments also provide facility. Central and state governments give discounts and loans under many schemes. There are many businesses for which license is mandatory. In this case, information can be collected by calling the free government helpline. You can get any opinion on Govt. helpline number.

Let's explore business ideas that are in demand and require less or no investment:

Small Business Ideas

    Travel Agency Business

    Since the emergence of a new middle class in India, the travel agency business has grown significantly. If you are in metros or places where there are more tourist places and outsiders comes in a large number. 

    The specialty of this business is that it does not require a lot of investment. If you live in a city or town, then you can run it from home. If you have some people who are better acquainted with local places, that will help you to a great extent.

    Mobile Recharge and SIM Card Selling

    Today, even though the option of recharging online and through wallet is available, still most people in India prefer to recharge the phone from the recharge shop. Mobile SIM are also always in demand. So anyone who is interested in this business can start it by taking a small shop anywhere. Along with this, you can start many more online services from the same shop.

    Mobile Repairing Work

    Before starting Mobile repairing work get professional training from expert. Better if you work as an assistant at the repair shop. Today every person has a mobile, even some has two. After some time phone starts having various problems, especially smartphones, so there is a constant need for repairing facilities.

    Mobile Accessories

    Mobile accessories are high in demand. You can make good money by selling Mobile covers, screen guards, tint glasses, ear phones, charger and other mobile accessories.

    Gym & Health Club Business

    Nowadays, everyone wants to be healthy and to achieve good health people go to a health club or gym. You can earn a good amount by opening a health club or gym in any good area. Start with less equipment, gradually keep on increasing based on demand.

    ATM Installation

    If you have 100 square feet of land in a crowded area and there is no ATM near you, you can contact banks and install an ATM in your premises. For this, you have to find out which is the bank which does not have an ATM in your area. After that you can find out the requirement from that bank or you can do it online or by going to direct bank also. If the bank understands the need, then the bank will install an ATM in your placeInstalling ATM you may get permanent rental income from bank without any tension.

    Tuition / Coaching Center

    If you are educated and can teach well then tuition can be a good option for you. Nowadays, all the people, whether they are villages or cities, have become aware about education. There is a shortage of good teachers everywhere, so in this way you will do good to the children there by teaching them tuition and you can also earn well. In starting you can start with a small group of students. Home tuition is another good option in which you have to go and teach the child at home. You can also charge more fees from this and children who are not able to come to you will also get a lot of help. 

    Roadside Bookstore

    This business may seem small, but the profits are greater. You do not have to pay any rent due to setting up a roadside shop and the books are very cheap as customers get plenty. However, you have to get permission from the Municipal Corporation or Municipality. After that you can run your shop comfortably.

    Printer and Photocopy Business

    Near colleges, study centers, coaching centers, government offices, courts etc. there is always high demand for  printer and photocopy business. With low investment you can start this business. Along with printing and photocopy you can provide binding, lamination services.


    Cybercafe is good business according to the need of the hour. You can add photocopy and printing service with cybercafe for better profits. 

    Atal Service Center

    You can open Atal Seva Kendra in your area. A small investment is required to start. If you provide all the facilities at your Atal Seva Kendra, then you can earn very well.  

    Matrimonial Agency

    You can start your own matrimonial agency where your team will verify client’s data and match the background of the boy and girl. This business can be very beneficial.   

    Wedding Consultant

    There was a time when the family members used to arrange the entire wedding. In this run-of-the-mill time, hardly anyone will have enough time to manage such a big event alone. Hence the demand for professionals such as wedding consultants has increased. If you are interested in managing programs, then this option may prove to be right for you. 

    Event Management

    If you have the ability to build networking and manage the team, then this business is also going to give a lot of profit. In this, you have to select venue, meet vendors and sponsors, arrange complete program etc. Profits are high in this business.

    Clothing Store

    You have to buy clothes at wholesale prices and sell them at retail prices.

    Customized Jewelry

    Jewelry is not just gold, silver or diamonds. There has been a trend in our society to make jewelry out of many types of metals and gems. Customized jewelry is prepared with the help of pearls or coral. The raw material used to make it is found very cheaply. You will just need to take a little training.

    Building Painting

    People always get their house painted at festivals, weddings. Especially during Diwali, almost everyone gets their house painted, which becomes a plus point for your business. For this business, you will just need some helpers and a little investment, after which you can earn a lot by painting houses and buildings 

    Professional Gardening

    If you are interested in professional gardening and plants then you can start your own professional gardening business.

    Interior Decoration Business

    If you are trained in Interior Decoration and have a creative mind, then this work will be best for you. You do not need to invest much for starting Interior Decoration Business. Interior Decoration may include places like home, office, school, etc.

    Handmade Gift Shop

    If you have the talent to make skilled and handmade gifts, then this is the best and beneficial business idea for you. You can start this work from your home or online store.

    General Store

    Opening a general store of daily used items is also a great business, as there is always demand for these items. Initially, you can start with less capital and gradually keep on investing based on demand.

    Dance / Music School

    If you are specialized in music or dance, then open your own school and train people. There is no dearth of people interested in learning music and dance. Now a days parents engage their kids in such activities from early childhood.


    A professional training under expert is must before opening saloon. Being necessity this business is always in demand.

    Bike Repairing

    As there is a surge in usage of bikes nowadays and after some time, the bike asks for automatic maintenance. Get trained before opening your own Bike Repairing shop.

    Electronic Shop

    Selling essential electronic items like fan, heater, board, switch, bulb and LED. Electronics shop can be started with low investment. These products are never out of  demand and margin is substantially good.

    Quilt & Blanket Making Business

    If seen seasonally, it is a very good business for you, because the demand for quilts, blankets and mattresses increases during the cold days, which provides a great opportunity. For this, you just have to learn how to buy raw material at the right price. Then you can earn a good amount by making quilt blankets and mattresses.

    DJ Sound

    DJ Sound Service is becoming a very popular business these days. Whenever there is a party or procession etc., people get DJ for their entertainment. In such a situation. To start a DJ work, first you have to buy its equipment, after which you can start your DJ business.

    Card printing business

    Nowadays, almost everyone gets an Invitation Card printed for small or big programs. This business is trendy nowadays. If you have an idea about printing machine and designing, then this business is a good option for you, with the help of which you can earn a lot of money.

    New Business Ideas

    Antique & Design Furniture Business

    If you have knowledge about customized and compact furniture, you can manufacture and sell them at your local and online stores.

    Kiosk by Banks

    In remote areas banks are providing small Kiosks to extend their reach. These Kiosks provide facility like withdrawal of money from mini ATM, open a bank account etc. Getting these Kiosk from Banks can be a good business ideas for people residing in remote areas.

    Van Delivery

    Many of the tasks are done by van delivery such as delivery of things, relocating goods at home, leaving students and other professional occupations. If you arrange a normal van, you can start it as a part time job and then in the future it can be converted into a full day task.  

    Mineral Water Supplier

    Being inadequate quality of drinking water supply this business is in demand. Especially in summer, demand increases substantially.

    Gadget Shop

    Youngsters Gadgets are popular nowadays, especially among youngsters. Starting with low investment, this business can be profitable.

    Jan Aushadhi Kendra (Janaushadhi Kendra)

    This is a good option for those who have pharmacy degree/diploma and about 130 square feet of land in which they can build their own shop and open Jan Aushadhi Kendra in it. In such a situation, you can apply to open Jan Aushadhi Kendra under the government scheme and start your business with the help of the government.

    Food Business Ideas

    Breakfast Shop

    This is an evergreen business. It can be started anywhere in any city corner. You do not even have to find customers for this. If your shop items are good, customers will come to you on their own. It requires very less money to start.

    Bakery Shop

    With the increase of buying capacity, people's food habits have also changed and hence the demand for bakery products has increased. Earlier, bakery shops were used only on occasions like birthdays, but now the utility of bakery for snacks has also increased. If you want, you can take a franchise of a famous bakery chain, or you can also open your own shop. It does not require too much money to start. Do not forget to make Bread in your bakery shop as bread consumption is high. Fressh bread are preferred.

    Tea Stall

    Tea business is not down in India in any season. Be it summer or rainy season. Tea is a forever drink. It can be started anywhere. This can be started with small investment.

    Juice Shop

    Today everyone wants to be healthy and juice is seen as directly related to health. It does not require much space to start. With the help of just one machine and few fruits, you can start this business.

    Tiffin Service

    Working professionals often living alone in cities do not have enough time to cook on their own, so they prefer tiffin services over cook.  If you know how to cook and have offices or other companies around you then you can start the work of supplying food or tiffin. Very less investment is required to start tiffin service. 

    Food Truck

    Nowadays, everyone has less time, so people enjoy eating on the road instead of going to big restaurants. Food trucks have arrived to complete this task. There is a lot of potential for profit in this business too.

    Diet Food Restaurant

    If you know how to make low-fat diet foods, then you can open a diet food restaurant. This can be the most profitable business for cooking experts.

    Sandwich Bar Business

    It is an ever-profitable business. It is a good business option for college students, part time workers and housewives.

    Making Biscuits and Cookies

    Biscuits and cookies are sold in the food market. These have very high capacity and sales rate. So, selling homemade biscuits and sweets can prove a well paid business.

    Open Coffee Shop

    For this you need to have many types of coffee at your shop as well as a nice and comfortable interior for the people visiting. You can add some other attractive things with it like free wifi and additional services.

    Healthy Fast Food Delivery

    People of this century are health conscious. Therefore, putting healthy ingredients in fast food delivery business and selling them can be a profitable scheme.

    Catering Business

    For this, you need a small office or in-house office, along with the cooking staff and cooking utensils etc. Do marketing and get your customers. To run long term business always deliver good quality, clean and fresh food to your customers.

    Fast Food Shop 

    The business of cold drinks, bakery products,  packed food, chips, biscuits, salt snacks, ice creams,  etc. is proving to be more profitable small business in less money.


    Hotels in popular tourist places are always in high demand. Hotel require one time setup investment. Maintenance cost is comparatively low. Returns in hotel business are high.

    Service Based Business Ideas

    Real Estate Services

    Today there is huge demand for real estate agents due to new construction and people moving towards metro cities. It is the job of real estate agents to help his client choose his property and charge him one to two percent commission. For this, all you have to do is gather the details of the property and plot and keep in touch with the property owner. Add your services over online Real Estate Websites like magicbricks.com, 99acres etc.

    Service of Skilled Artisans

    In this, you have to keep plumbers, electricians and all kinds of skilled craftsmen together under one roof. Serve your skilled craftsmen from online website or office. Start your marketing and get customers. If you want to succeed in this business, then give service on time. Remember, positive reviews from your customers are beneficial for you.

    Courier Business

    If you are interested in delivery service and have communication skills as well as familiarity with people, then you can start courier service. Start with the delivery of all your products like DHL, FedEx etc. You need to hire honest staff and a van is needed for this. Once the business is properly established, then you will start earning a good income from it.

    Accounting Business

    If you are trained in accounting then you can start this local business from your home or office. You should do your marketing with small business owners and other accounting employees.

    Handyman Service

    The profession of repairing broken electricity in the home, plumbing and other household work is called handyman service. In cities there is a good demand for expert handymen.

    Car Cleaning Service

    If you can provide car cleaning service cheaply, then it is one of the best business options to start with less investment. It can be easily done as a part time business by college students.

    Business Ideas Without Investment

    Packers and Movers Business

    You can earn a lot by starting a business of packers and movers without any investment. Packers & Movers Company provides services of home shifting, office shifting, company shifting, car carrier, and transport. This is an in demand business.

    Drop Shipping Business

    Dropshipping is a type of business model that is associated with online business. When a customer places an order for a product online, then the dropshipping company sends the order to that retailer and that retailer sends the product directly to the customer. You can provide dropshipping for e-commerce websites like Ebay, Amazon, Flipkart etc. This is going to be on high demand as more and more consumers are buying products online.

    Caring for Pets

    Many people having pets, require an expert to take care of them. There is not much awareness about this profession, but there are also many opportunities to make a future in it. Pet trainers are always high in demand.

    Mobile Health

    Many businesses are focusing more on marketing to earn more money, but by focusing on senior citizens, you can also build a successful business. One such business is Mobile Health Delivery. Mobile healthcare is emerging as a modern business idea at the present time. It helps people who are unable to walk due to age and unable to visit healthcare institution. Many healthcare institutions are starting their own mobile healthcare facility. AIIMS has launched mobile vans to provide healthcare to old age homes.

    Bike Rental

    The business of 'bike rental' is growing rapidly. Even tourists prefer rented bikes to travel around cities. At tourist hotspots this business is roaring. 

    Healthy Food Vending Machine

    Vending machines are known for providing snacks immediately. People have become more health conscious now, looking for a healthier alternative to chips and sodas commonly found in these vending machines.This has led to a new industry of health-oriented, specialty vending companies that help franchisees serve better food and beverages.

    Sports Coaching

    Only those who have ever lived in sports can do this work. There are many opportunities to succeed in this too. It can be expanded further by opening one's own academy.

    Business Ideas from Home

    Ghost Writing

    These are writers who are given work to write something, but do not get credit for the work. This is similar to freelancing writing. It also fetches good money.

    Script Writing

    This is in demand in metro cities like Mumbai or Delhi. Although work in other cities is negligible, but script writers in big cities make good money. It is a work of interest and high skill. Returns from this profession are really lucrative.

    Recruitment Consultancy Service

    For this business you have to have good communication skills, understanding of customer's needs and skill of handling people correctly. Small companies use recruitment consultancy service to find a suitable manpower. Good commissions are assured in this business.

    Tour Guide

    If there is a place around your house that has a lot of tourism potential or tourists come, then you can become a tour guide. For this, you will have to learn some foreign languages ??and get complete information about that place.

    Translation Service

    If you have good knowledge of two or more languages, then the business of translating can prove to be quite good. The information of foreign languages ??can help you in starting your translation business.

    Business Ideas for Women

    Beauty Parlour

    If you are a woman and looking for work, then this is a great business idea for you which can be started with very low investment. First of all, you will have to do a beautician course then you can open a nice beauty parlour. You can also open a beauty parlour in your home, this will save your money and time. With the time beauty parlour has become a very trendy and profitable business.

    Pickle and Papadum Making

    Pickle and papad making business is a very good business idea for women. This business is growing very fast in every city, town and village. You need about 4 to 6 people to start it. By starting this, women and unemployed persons of the household can become self-sufficient. For supplying get in touch with experienced distributor through which your papad will be sold at shops across the city. If you pay attention to the right price and good quality, then your business will run very well and you can earn a lot of money. 

    Fashion Designing

    Nowadays everyone wants to look stylish, if you learn how to design stylish clothes by doing a fashion designing course, then you can easily open your own boutique. If you do a good job then there is a lot of demand for this work.

    Embroidery in clothing

    People love beautiful clothes embroidered clothes, especially women. For talented women who are looking for work, this business can be a good option. This business can be operated from home


    There is always a demand for good Tailors in every city. Now, with the advent of designer clothes, the demand for customised clothes is high. Although it will require some investment, but it is also a profitable business.

    Cooking Classes

    If you are fond of cooking and craving to teach people, then cooking classes can be started. You can also do cooking work by becoming a professional cook.

    Bindi Making Business

    This is a small-scale business that can be started with very little investment. It is a good business idea for women. To make a Bindi, raw materials like velvet cloth, gum, different types of stones like rubies, sapphires, crystals, pearls are needed. If you can buy all these things at a good rate, then with the help of a few people you can start this business.

    Yoga Classes / Yoga Studio

    After getting professional training, you can open your yoga class and earn a good amount from it. Yoga is attracting the attention of many people. You can open yoga classes in your home comfortably and you need less investment in it. 


    Working women always need creche for their toddlers. Women can take good care of toddlers. Always provide a sense of security, care and hygiene to mothers of toddlers. Creche can be operated from home also.

    Online Business Ideas

    Digital Marketing

    Currently Internet Marketing or Digital Marketing is a very big field and every company or website on the Internet has to resort to Internet Marketing. Internet marketing is a way of online marketing of products, services, websites, apps, etc. A professional Internet marketing is a must before starting business. Also always keep in touch with changing market trends and updates. 

    Affiliate Marketing

    Affiliate Marketing is a popular way to earn money online. Almost all e-commerce companies like Flipkart, Amazon etc. run their own affiliate program. In affiliate marketing, different types of products have to be promoted through their blog, website or other ways. After that, whenever a user clicks on your promoted link and purchases a product, you get a percentage of the price of that product in the form of a commission.

    Social Media Strategist

    Today is the age of social media. Any work is incomplete without social media. Corporates, Startups and social organizations require Social Media Management. Get professional training and do job before starting your own business.

    Advertising Campaign Developer

    It is a business done entirely on online systems. Professional training is a must before starting this business. You may get online orders. You can associate with big media house to get regular orders.  


    If someone is fond of writing, they can publish and sell their e-book online for free at various E Book Publishing Websites like Amazon Kindle without any expense. E-Books can be easily sold on various E-Commerce websites like Flipkart, Ebay, Amazon etc. If you have a blog or website, you can also sell your Ebooks through your blog or website.


    In the digital age, blogging is a very good way to earn money online (Idea). If you have the skill of writing, then it can be started only through laptop and internet connection. Blogging is a way of spreading your views to people, through which you create a blog or website and publish important information, tips and articles on it. When the number of visitors to a blog or website increases, money can be earned from the blog by displaying advertisements on the blog. If you want to start blogging on a large scale, you can also make your own website. There are many bloggers who are earning millions of rupees every month from their blogs. The main sources of earning income from blogging are advertising and affiliate marketing.


    There was a time, no one could have imagined that a millionaire could be made through the Internet. But today it has become reality. You can earn a lot of money by making videos on YouTube. Youtube is a great money making platform. There is an option to display advertisements on videos appearing on YouTube. You should be creative and your content should attract viewers as earning from youtube mainly depends on the number of viewers who watch your video. If you can make popular and viral video channels, then you can easily earn millions of rupees a month. There are thousands of such channels across the globe, which are earning good money through YouTube.

    Online Course

    If you have talent and you are good at teaching, then starting an online course may prove to be good. Today, preparations for Bank, SSC to Civil Services are being made online. There are many platforms which are making turnover of several crores only through online course. It will require nominal money to start.


    Freelancing is emerging as a very popular online business. To make money from freelancing, create an account on various Freelancing Websites like Freelancer.com, Fiverr, Guru.com, Elance, Upwork etc. and Find Freelance Jobs. A variety of services like content writing, designing, programming, consultancy are in demand on these platforms. Online Earning can be done by offering services on these websites. Once you receive good ratings on these Freelancer Websites, you can get a lot of project and  earn good money.

    Graphic Designing

    Creativity is key to success in Graphic Designing. Get trained professionally, learn advance Graphic Designing tools. The scope of graphic designing is wide and there is no dearth of opportunities. ,You can also do it from home.

    Selling Online

    You can sell your products online on various platforms like Myntra, Flipkart, Amazon etc. All you have to do is buy goods at wholesale prices and sell it at retail price to earn profit.

    Data Entry Work

    If you know typing then you can do data entry work. You can get online orders from Freelancing platforms

    Fitness Trainer / Instructor

    If you are interested in fitness and you want to make a career in it, then you do not need to open a gym. Nowadays people prefer personal fitness trainer. You can also train people by creating YouTube videos or through your own website.

    Small Manufacturing Unit Ideas

    Disposal Making Business

    Disposal are high in demand. A small machine can be installed to manufacture disposal items.

    Paper Bag Making Business

    After ban on polybags, there is a great demand for paper bags. Installing paper bag machine can lead to lucrative business.

    Paper Plate and Cup Making Business

    The demand for paper-made cups and plates is increasing gradually as the government has banned everything made of plastic. These items are used not only at roadside dhabas and tea shops but also at various events and big companies. This is an amazing small business idea that can grow very fast. With the help of which you can earn a good amount.

    Cleaning Material Making Business

    You can start manufacturing cleaning material like broom, duster, brushes etc. These products are always in high demand in the market.

    Packing Material Making Business

    With the rise in online shopping and ecommerce, packing material is in demand in the market. Manufacturing packing material will require investment in starting but it will lead to a very good business.

    Industrial Tape Making Business

    With online shopping and compulsory tapping of food by online food delivery, demand for industrial tape is all time high. It requires very less investment in starting.

    Popcorn Making Business

    If you live in the village and are thinking of starting a small scale business then this would be a very good option for you because making popcorn requires corn which is easily available in the village at a cheap rate which That will be a plus point for you. For this, you just have to learn its packaging, after which you can earn a good amount by selling it in the city.

    Animal Feed Business

    Most dairy and poultry farms use animal feed. If you belong to an area where poultry and dairy work is there then this can prove a beneficial business idea for you.

    Baby Garments Business

    There is a very good benefit in this industry. You require only 2 to 3 sewing machines to start this business. 

    Cotton Wick Making Business

    There is a great demand for cotton wick used for puja. You can install machine for making cotton wick at very low cost.

    LED Bulb Business

    There is a huge demand for LED bulbs in the market nowadays. You can start this work from home with the help of one person, for which you only need to buy a tikki fitting, soldering machine, and bulb tester, cape holder which is available in the market. 

    Incense stick making Business

    This business is a low investment high return business idea, because incense sticks are used by almost everyone. You can easily learn how to make incense sticks from the internet and start this business with small investment.

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